Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When your father-in-law is Ralph Lauren....

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.....this is the wedding gown you can have. 

This stunning gown took 100 craftspeople 3000 hours to create. The top layer of the gown was made of antique ivory tulle. It was then hand-embroidered with flowers and Renaissance-era scroll designs in silk and metallic thread. Finished with Swarovski crystals and off-white pearl beads. 

My favorite part is the high neck and long sleeves. As I've said before, thanks to Kate Middleton, the era of the bustier-4-sizes-too-small wedding gown are over. This is elegant, vintage and timeless. The whole shot is just lovely and the groom is impeccable. 
If your budget doesn't allow for hiring Monsieur Lauren, maybe these will do.

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