Saturday, January 11, 2014

Welcome to our new intern Jaclyn!

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Introducing you to our newest addition to the SLV family! Along with Natalie our intern, she now has an assistant, Jaclyn. A warm welcome to you! A brief bio:

"I’m Jaclyn, a 20 something, that originates from a small town north of Toronto. I escaped the small town bubble last year and am now residing downtown Toronto, where I am studying Retail Management at Ryerson University. Upon completion of my Bachelor of Commerce degree I hope to break into the PR industry. Living on a student budget has allowed me to become thriftier with my shopping habits, thus initiating my appreciation for good value fashion, and the standard quality vs. quantity. Over the years I have learned to love all aspects of the fashion industry, and I hope my love and knowledge for quality fashion continues to grow with my internship with Some Like It Vintage! "

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Halloween or the 1970s?

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With Halloween around the corner what better time for a truly funky Throwback Thursday?

Could this picture be anymore indicative of the seventies? I love how fun these outfits are! Although they don't look like outfits that we would see in everyday life currently, they are still representative of 1970s trends that have become repopularized. There has been an influx of bright patterns recently and a departure from standard black jackets in menswear. We have also seen larger pronounced collars buttoned up all the way in women's wear.

It is always fun to take a glance into a decade, especially one as diverse as the seventies. A huge thank you to Maryann for sharing this fun vintage moment! Heres hoping it provides you with some Halloween inspiration!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Sunday Best

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After a two week hiatus, Throwback Thursday is finally back! This vintage fashion moment was sent in by Sharon, who is the little tyke on the left. This photograph captures mother and daughter in their Sunday's best.

I love the cut and style of Sharon's mother's day-dress. A far cry from the full as can be skirts of the 1950s, this early 1960s dress has a tailored pencil skirt with clean classic lines. This style of dress has been brought back decade after decade, the cut is so classic that it has become timeless. We are seeing a demand in day dresses of this sort in vintage fashion as well as in contemporary wear.

The dress is beautiful, but my favourite item by far is the mock doctors satchel. Those who know me can attest that I am constantly in search of quality vintage bags in this shape! For those of you who accessorize minimally, as I generally do, unique shapes of clothing and the few accessories worn speak volumes. Also, If you look closely you can see that little Sharon has her own purse to match her adorable outfit as well.

A huge thank you to Sharon for sharing this heart-warming vintage fashion moment which demonstrates the timelessness certain styles can achieve! Look for another fantastic retro fashion moment next Thursday. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Here Comes the Bride

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Wedding season is coming to an end as we approach Autumn. So, what better time for a bridal edition of Throwback Thursday?

This photo was sent to us by Arnolda, it is of herself on her wedding day in the 1960s! Doesn't she look incredible?  This wedding dress comes across as very of its time, especially with the feather trim on the hem and neckline. It is a very unique dress. Although quite feminine, this dress has a few touches that are mostly seen in men's fashion. The fabric added below the bust line drops to the low waist, giving the illusion of a cummerbund. Arnolda is also wearing boutonnière, what a clever touch for dress that is on the less ornate side! 

This dress may be dated, but with some minimal alterations it could be worn at any modern wedding. Full length sleeves are especially popular with brides following the Royal Wedding. The key to the perfect wedding dress is the same as with any outfit, you must make it your own. It is clear that Arnolda did!

A huge thank you to Arnolda for sharing this beautiful vintage fashion (and life) moment with SLV! We will be back next week with another look into the fashion of the past.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Hello, Dolly!

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Today's Throwback Thursday comes to us from Beverley.  It is a picture of her great aunt Dolly in the 1930s.  Wow, what an outfit this is! Particularly because this picture was taken in  the pre-war post depression era, not a time where people felt inclined to slip into their glad rags.

It's true that this frock is not exactly modern.  However, if it looks familiar it is because this dropped waist style of dress was re-popularized in the 1980s (Prom, anyone?!). As were smocked dresses. The small details are what I love most about this vintage outfit. Most notably, the scalloped edge of the smock on upper half of the dress, and the embroidery.  Doesn't it make you wonder what colour the smock is?!

A huge thank you to Beverley for sharing this vintage fashion moment with us! We'll see you back here for next week's edition 
of Throwback Thursday.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Clever Hat

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This Throwback Thursday was sent to us by Diane Leah and was taken in the early 1980s.

She is pictured here in the dressing room before her band took the stage.  The outfit is casual and simple, but well put together.  I love the tie at the bottom left hand side of the sweater.  We also see reliance on only black and white to make up the outfit.  This power point 1980s look has come back once again and you can see lots of sleek black and white clothing, be it casual or formal, out on the street.  I especially love the hat! It makes the entire outfit and is a great shape for her face.  As we have mentioned before hats are back!

Many thanks to Diane for sharing this vintage fashion moment with SLV! We'll see you back here next Thursday!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Think Pink: The SLV Pink Sale!

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As a special thanks to our loyal fan base Some Like it Vintage brings you the Pink Sale!  We are offering discounted prices on our pink dresses and FREE SHIPPING! This is the perfect time to snatch up those pink vintage favorites you have had your eye on.

Don't feel like looking through our site to find the right dress? No problem! It's a Facebook Comment Sale. All you have to do is comment 'SOLD!' on your favorite pink sale item and we'll handle the rest.  The easiest way to participate is to sign up for exclusive access here. A purchase is not required to register, so you have nothing to lose by checking out the event!  All purchases are secure and easy. What a fun way to shop and share your experience with your favorite people!

SALE BEGINS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21 AT 9PM (EST) and will last for a full 24 HOURS 

Spread the word! We can't wait to see all of you at the sale!