Monday, November 21, 2011

One Man's Pan Am Collection Came in Handy!

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 The Real Pan Am Flight Attendants (who were called stewardesses then...political correctness was not necessarily practiced )
Imagine being a collector. Now imagine your collection enjoys the benefits of being part of a television series. Imagine that television series is Pan Am.

Despite being cancelled, the lead up to this show generated much positive buzz in the industry. Hoping to cash in on the Mad Men retro vibe, the opening episodes did well, but unfortunately did not 'fly'. Get it? Fly? hahaha. sorry, bad joke.

Anyway, Kelly Cusack who worked for Pan Am during it's last decade has managed to collect more than 10 000 pieces of memorabilia and has the largest collection known. Many of his pieces were used in the show - talk about authentic!

Collector's Weekly has a great interview with Mr. Cusack. Have a read, it's very interesting!

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