Wednesday, August 22, 2012


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Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay...what can we say? 

As a purveyor of vintage goodies, part of what I also offer is advice. (Hence our new 'Dear Vintage Goddess' weekly column.)

So today's fashion radar is about undergarments. All I can say to all is:

Originally, undergarments were developed to lessen the laundry loads. They are now part of our daily wardrobe and are just as important as everything else we put on. I strongly believe undergarments should not only do their proper job (ie: hold, cinch, lift, protect) but should be stylish, colorful, fun and comfortable. Which is why I can never understand why a woman would intentionally choose to not wear them.

Lindsay's outfit was fine except for the boob-age. With all the gorgeous bra's out there, I'm sure she could have found a spectacular one to accentuate her body and not look all pudgy and hangy-outy.

While we no longer need to wear the uncomfortable rubber corsets of yesteryear:

....we can enjoy modern and comfortable fabrics with a vintage twist! Like this one available from Secrets in Lace 

Now that is proper dressing - inside and out. Sorry Lindsay - bra-less is not sexy.

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Coco Bates said...

This post was so true!!! I see so many women walking around bra-lass or with bra's thats are small and tight that it looks like they have an extra set of breast, lol, not cute at all.

Love this post :)