Monday, August 20, 2012


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I am not one for 'PDA' or Public Displays of Affection.  I don't need to be sucked in people's private world of amorous behaviour.  A hug or quick peck is fine; but when I can see the inner workings of your mouth as your dentist can see them, you've gone too far.  So as not to dislocate your jaw or render your tongue muscles useless, keep the mouse in the house and refrain from outdoor couples activities riskier than a  'PG' movie rating.  I am happy for the enthusiasm and your affirmation of love for love's sake, but opening my front door to the pages of upper shelf magazines isn't fun for me or the next person.

Famous V-Day Kiss
Now that's the way to do it!


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Coco Bates said...

Great post! I think quite a few people in NYC need to turn down the notch on their PDA.