Friday, June 22, 2012

Reproduction Vintage Dresses

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Not everyone loves vintage clothing. 

As difficult as that is to believe ;-), there are many folks who prefer vintage 'inspired'. New items that have a look of vintage without being used.

I can appreciate that. I have been working on a reproduction vintage line for awhile now, and have just released 3 new designs. Soon to be available in several sizes, these 3 dresses are exact copies from pieces of my personal collection. 

Vintage without the 'old'. 

1930s silk gown, reproduction
1950s velvet & taffeta cocktail dress, reproduction

1950s cotton shirtwaist dress, reproduction


janny jenis said...

Vintage has Dresses unique dresses.there are fabulous and stylish collection of women dresses.i love its unique style.

Ange said...

I am one of those women who prefer vintage repro so I'm very excited that you're working on these styles! I find that as I love 40s and 50s fashions either a)I can't find them in good enough wearable quality that I can afford and b)with an odd waist to bust ratio they generally don't fit me so hooray for vintage Repro is all I can say! How much and when are they ready?! (Especially the last one, the shirtwaister- it's a beauty!) xXx

Some Like it said...

Hi Ange,
Thanks for your comment! These dresses are indeed can find them here:
More sizes to come, so if you don't see your size, just contact me!