Monday, June 25, 2012

Vintage, Korean Style

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I was wondering about the vintage scene in Asia - especially in South Korea.  Are "my people" very fashion forward in looking to the past?  Perusing some trendy sites, I would say DEFINITELY!

Korean vintage silky black shirt

StyleNanda Vintage Dress

Navy blue vintage veste cape

Faux-Leather Asymmetric Zip Jacket
From Vintage Brothers, this model looks so cool in an asymmetrical faux-leather zip jacket.

Men's vintage shirt with fab collar and cuff detailing

I love that in South Korea, men are just as fashion conscious as the women.  They show no fear in expressing their vintage selves.  Gone are the dorky eyeglasses, mop hairstyles and men dressing like their fathers.  If you're unsure about these references, check out some retro Korean soaps which are widely available!


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