Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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Hi my name is Carol and I'm a guest blogger for today.  I'm the Twinkie who wrote about Korean Christmas traditions.  This time I wanted to tell you myself about our fab summer trip to the U.K.  I know that Veronica has mentioned me to you in the past.  Yes, that was me who took photos of the Missoni hotel and vintage stores in Edinburgh and Dublin.

I can honestly say that before our day trip to Glasgow, I wasn't that much of a fan of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  I felt that his work was rigid, impractical and sort of boring.  I always thought that his furniture designs are similar to Frank Lloyd Wright's in style.  I once flipped a Wright chair over and it wouldn't sit straight after that!  I was one scared university student on her first trip to a Wright house. 

Mackintosh was a native Glaswegian who is renowned for his accomplishments in Architecture, watercolour art, furniture and textiles designs.  He was a key figure of Art Nouveau in the United Kingdom and designer in the Arts and Crafts movement.

Napkin holders featuring
Mackintosh's rose
When we arrived at Glasgow, I had no idea that this city lives in such reverence to Mackintosh.  His designs and Art Nouveau flair are felt and seen throughout on its street signs, architecture and even advertising posters.  He was everywhere, especially his rose motif.

We stopped for lunch at "The Willow Tea Rooms" in the heart of the city.  It was jointly designed by Mackintosh and his wife.  The space was cozy with very tall chair backs that made each table setting feel very cozy, warm and comfortable.  It was a welcome and delicious getaway from the cold, bleak weather outside that day. 

Mackintosh Shop
We also visited the Glasgow Fine Art School, which was designed by Mackintosh.  We were too late for the building tour, but we had a lot of fun in the gift shop where there was everything Mackintosh that the heart could desire.

The local museum also had a Mackintosh wing which featured a lot of his chairs and other furniture items.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Curtains
At the end of a tiring but fun day, I came to the realization that some things need to be seen in context to be fully appreciated.  I quickly became an admirer of this modest Scotsman.  Contrary to popular belief, a rose by any other name just isn't the same.

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