Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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I was watching a recent episode of the television show "Pan Am" when I noticed that Christina Ricci's character was wearing a deadly, pointy bra.  In fact all the women were wearing bras that would make an 80's Madonna quite proud!
Why were their bosoms like pyramids?!  Well-formed ladies from the 1960's wanted to emulate current sirens such as Lana Turner and Jane Russell by wearing the very popular, conical supports popularly known as the bullet bra.  The previous decade was the start of women wanting to look Hollywood glamorous.  They had been deprived from the war and depression years so it was time to celebrate being a woman and enjoying some luxuries that were becoming available. Every woman wanted to look like the pin-up sweater girls.

I must say though that these poor women must have been feeling constant discomfort until more comfortable fabrics such as nylon replaced the corset-like contraptions.  They were also easier to wash.
It's amazing that the silhouette of a woman can so easily determine from which era she derives.  I must say that these 1960's women with such upturned bras, look so unnatural.  This pointy style also allowed smaller breasted women to feel boosted.  My underwire bras have been good to me!

The bullet bra went out of style in the 1960's as underwire designs came into vogue with softer fabrics and more natural looking profiles. I'm grateful for our current "support systems" but I am still in awe of gorgeous women like Marilyn Monroe who sported the bullet with flair.

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