Monday, January 23, 2012

It's All In The Details

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You know another reason I like vintage clothing? The attention to detail in constructing a garment. We are all familiar with the manufacturing process of mass made clothing - cheap fabrics, loose and missing stitches, no hemlines. All of the modern way of clothing manufacturing is to get as many pieces from one bolt of fabric as possible. This often means cutting corners and shoddy work.

Take this 1950s cotton dress. Simple in it's design, it's the cut of the fabric that is unique. There is no sewn hemline, rather the skirt was cut from the finished end of the fabric - what you would never see done today as that would be an incredible waste of fabric and loss to profits. All the dresses made from this lot were probably cut that way - costing the manufacturer a little more money perhaps, but well worth the finished product.

Just another reason to love vintage fashion!


Tara Jeles said...

This is exactly why I love vintage! I had an event last week and bought a ready made somewhat fancy dress. After only 3 hours...seams were ripped apart and stitching was coming apart...only after sitting and eating dinner and the dress wasn't too tight..just made badly. I'm taking it back tomorrow...i will so stick to vintage. And that dress you featured is gorgeous!

Some Like it said...

Thanks Tara! Modern clothing is often made badly and then when you go to wash it? Well, that's another blog post...

Some modern clothing is made better, but then that is when it gets very expensive - and even then you can't be certain of quality.
Thanks for your comment today and have a lovely day!