Monday, January 23, 2012


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 Have you ever dreamed of being a vintage pin-up girl?  I couldn't see myself doing a photo shoot in today's style as I am not supermodel material.  But a session like the above photo could be really fun.  I could feel like an old fashioned pin-up girl.  A couple of decades back, the concept of 'glamour shots' was really popular.  Soft Star Trek-like back lit portraits of women in their very best evening wear were displayed proudly in many homes.  I never thought that was for me.  I'm too camp, too cheesy and theatrical for something so sober and conservative.
However, shots like these, I could definitely envision.  I would love to be a slightly sexy Donna Reed or maybe Mrs. Cleaver with a little animal instinct!

I love the idea of this type of photography as becoming the subject doesn't mean having to workout at a gym for 6 months to prepare.  I could be a flapper girl doing the Charleston or a sweater girl from the 1950's listening to the juke box.  Maybe I'm a flower power girl at a mod disco.  The possibilities are endless, limited only by the imagination.  So go out there and have some fun.  It doesn't have to be a Valentines Day or anniversary gift.  Do it for yourself. 

Mother's Day Nautical Set - Copyright Lone Star Pin-up
This could be you!

Christmas pinups - Copyright Lone Star Pin-up

1930's Glamour ShootCopyright Lone Star Pin-up

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