Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Princess Full Of Grace

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There is a new exhibit in our city celebrating the life of Grace Kelly.  When we were on our honeymoon, we spent a week in the south of France.  I remember driving along the windy roads of Monte Carlo and thinking about how Grace Kelly died there so tragically.  I could understand how a car could so easily go off course.  That day the world lost an incomparable actress, a beautiful princess and a devoted wife of a man who was worthy of her.  Theirs was the story of fairy tales and dreams.

This exhibit will feature rarely seen treasures such as vintage couture, her classic Kelly bag, stunning jewellery and her famous gown from the Academy Awards.  This is an opportunity to go inside the brief life of the actress and Princess.
I imagine that one of the reasons that Will and Kate's wedding was so embraced by the world was because it reminded us of the Grimaldi wedding.  Even Kate's dress was often compared to the one worn by Kelly to her Prince Rainier.  At the height of her acting career, Grace Kelly gave up her Hollywood life to become a real life princess in the Principality of Monaco.  What a shame that she was taken from us so soon.

If you are in Toronto, please visit the TIFF Bell Lightbox to see this rare exhibit.  You'll also love the building itself as it's a new headquarters for the Toronto International Film Festival.

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