Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Love it When You Talk Retro-Holiday Gift Guide

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Hoochie Koochie, Double Whammy, The Buck Stops Here, You Sound Like a Broken Record, You Are Skaing on Thin Ice.....

Do you say any of these in your daily speech? If you do you are at least my age. I am especially fond of the broken record today don't even know what that is. Doesn't quite sound the same when you say 'You sound like a broken MP3' does it?

Anyway, with the holidays fast approaching, here are my retro book picks that I'm sure will suit just about anyone on your list!

I Love it When You Talk Retro:

Better Homes & Gardens 1953 Cookbook

Retro Rock

Vintage Hairstyles: A step by step guide

Retro Makeup: Techniques for getting that Look

Vintage Cocktails

Vintage Face: Period Looks from the 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s

Ready to Roll: A celebration of the classic American trailer

Tiki Modern

Retro: A guide to Mid 20th Century Design

All American Ads of the 50s

Dealer's Choice: At Home with Purveyors of Antique & Vintage Furnishings

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