Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Tender Trap

While watching the movie, "The Tender Trap" starring Frank Sinatra and Debbie Reynolds, I was reminded of why I love vintage clothing, but not necessarily vintage ways.

Being a modern and very independent woman, there are often moments in old movies that make me cringe. In this movie in particular, the Debbie Reynolds character insists that a woman is unfulfilled unless married with children and living in the perfect house. After of course, the proper courtship with perfect romantic evenings spent gazing into each other's eyes under a peach tree. Frank Sinatra must bring candy and flowers, meet her parents and sit at the end of the couch. All the while Debbie Reynolds plans to reform his ways, make a man of him and eventually get married.

Whew, that's a lot of work for a man! Something this woman does not agree with. My apologies if any of my dear readers disagree with me...but while I love watching old movies, I need to keep an open mind. Times have changed and I for one am happy that we are embracing the fashions of the past. But let's just keep it to the fashion's shall we?

According to the plot line, a woman at age 33 has slim pickin's when it comes to finding a man. She is considered old. Well if she's old, I must be dead.There are apparently not a lot of worse things that can happen to a woman at that age. Notice how no one mentions a man at that age. This is where my woman power comes to the fore and gets a little annoyed. Double standards were rampant then, yet they still exist today - but that's another post! This is a convenient time capsule and a pleasant enough movie, but extremely dated!

Enjoy the fashions from 1955. (by the way, the Hollywood ending prevails - they get married and live happily ever after)

David Wayne and Celeste Holm - perfectly coiffed!
Debbie Reynolds with a floral cotton dress and matching cardigan.

Here is the movie trailer. The best part is the theme song sung by Old Blue Eyes himself. Enjoy!

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