Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Furrrrrrrrtastic!

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In the midst of this fantastic summer, I am suddenly seeing a lot of fall fashions.  One new trend that has caught my eye is the abundance of fur.  I see mostly faux fur but some are definitely the real deal.  Despite PETA's rantings, it looks like the fashion industry has decided that it's time for us to love fur again.

Retro Fashion Models 1970s, Couple, Coules, Fur, Brown Jacket Photographic Print
Love this retro 70's couple in fur

1970's fun fur

Retro arctic wolf coyote coat

Retro Hippie Style Faux Fur Cropped Bolero Jacket

VINTAGE 70s RETRO Jacket, Coat, Pink Fur Trim

By the way, there was a news item recently that PETA wants household cats to stop eating meat and for their owners to train their felines to become vegans.  Weigh in on this one!

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