Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Full Service with a smile?

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We receive the Saturday newspaper.  Much to our chagrin, our "paperboy" who is actually a middle aged man in a run-down sedan, cannot seem to make it to our porch until late morning every week.  We've complained a few times, but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter that much.

All things being fodder for the world of blogs, I began to wonder what has happened to our 'home delivery' society?  I believe that some parts of the U.K. still get their milk delivered to their front doors each morning.  What happened with us?  A number of years ago, one of our local supermarket chains started a delivery service which is fairly pricey and to be honest, a pain in the neck to use as it's an Internet based ordering system, so filling up my shopping cart can be very difficult and time-consuming.  We get numerous flyers from local eateries that offer delivery but there is usually an exorbitant minimum to qualify or there is a fee regardless of order size.  It seems that current day systems of home delivery have been created to actually dissuade us and convenience comes at a high price.


I miss the days of paper boys who were actually the neighbourhood kids who rode their bikes and threw the newspaper in the bushes for some pocket money.  The old fashioned drug stores used to deliver - some still do but to qualify there is a mysterious system that seems to cater to only seniors.

Our self service world is tiring sometimes.  I like the occasional lazy indulgence.  I wonder if the increasing number of "Type A" personalities have become that way out of necessity as it's becoming more and more apparent that if we don't get it ourselves, we have to do without.

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