Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sleeping with the Fishes? That's Some Serious Recycling!

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Recently touring the Montreal Biosphere, there is a stunning exhibit of re-cycled fashion. Titled, "O.N.E. Outfits from a New Era", this exhibit demonstrates some unique dresses made from what would otherwise become landfill. 16 artists who excel in different trades (jewelery making, cabinetry, hairstyling, fashion design and the visual arts) took up the challenge and created some intriguing works of art. Bear in mind, these are not wearable - they are simply to send a message, that Canadians produce 35 million tons of garbage a year. I will post the photos over the next few days as there are many! Enjoy :-)

Hair Raising! Made from, you guessed it - human hair.

All wrapped up.
Polystyrene packaging used to create a bubble style dress.

Have a drink? Dress made of tin cans - I think this is the Sobe brand...not sure. At least they made it all match!

This gives a whole new meaning to sleeping with the fishes. Made of Salmon skins and mussel shells. It has to be kept in a refrigerator!

 New wave in leather goods. This gown was made from car parts - tires, head rests, airbags and fabric seats. It's just missing the engine!

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