Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The "Birdcage" loves South Beach

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I've done the usual Canadian pilgrimages to Florida like all of us who get sick of winter the day after Christmas.  I've seen parts of the east coast, parts of the west coast and parts in between.  However I have never been to Miami.  One of the places on my sightseeing list is South Beach where a lot of the colourful Deco structures stand.  The Robin Williams' remake of "The Birdcage" was on television the other day.  The main characters were just as colourful as the famous buildings featured in the film.

"The term Art Deco was coined from the Exposition des Arts Decoratifs held in Paris in 1925".  We think of Deco buildings as being bold and embellished.  But this style of architecture is very clean and angular.  The pastel colours are specific to Florida.  The decorative elements derive from symbols of Mayan, Egyptian and native cultures.  Ok, enough of the history lesson.  Make yourself a Mojito, put on some great thongs (you can chose which type!) , sit back and enjoy some sites of Miami without the bad airplane food:

Want to learn more or dress like you live there....

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Miami: Mediterranean Splendor and Deco Dreams
Miami: Mediterranean Splendor and Deco Dreams

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