Thursday, June 30, 2011

Passion Play for the Ages...

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1970 U.K. Album cover
Recently we saw a stage performance of "Jesus Christ Superstar".  This was the first time I saw it live.  I'm familiar with the television version as are many people.  This production originally by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice really does stand the test of time.  The vibe of the songs is so hippy and retro.  It's really classified as a rock opera rather than a straightforward musical.  I was afraid that the whole thing would sound too dated for my current sensibilities.  I wondered what the costumes would look like.  Would the actors be in faded bell bottoms, girls with Manson qualities?  The director did a good job of bringing the essence of the 1970's without beating it into us.

Incredible Canadian cast
I really wanted to see this show because I find this musical is not staged very often.  The obviously strong religious content may scare off directors and turn off audiences.  The last time I had really heard the music I was much younger.  When I heard the lyrics recently, I felt transported back to the 1970's in a good way but it's also timeless and we can really appreciate it on any level, in any decade.

If you are in the neighbourhood of Stratford, Ontario, drop by the Avon Theatre for a really great rock musical experience.  I guarantee even the guys will like it!

JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR,Orig,Motion Picture Sound/tr 2LP

Vtg 70s Pink HIPPIE Prairie Sheer floral LACE DRESS S-M

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