Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WE'RE BACK......

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Young Girl
I am up and running again at last!!  It has taken many weeks of blood, sweat and tears to get my website back and better than before!  Thanks to all for your patience.  I hope that you hung in there when I was in the depths of techno despair!

You can again peruse my website at your leisure http://www.somelikeitvintage.com/  Welcome back...

Retro Cotton Halter Dress, Abstract Large Floral Pattern S105

Rozae Nichols Retro Sequined Cardigan Sz L L615

Tory Burch Embellished Tunic Sz 8 M449

Vintage 1960s Jaeger Skirt Sz 28 M401

Retro Light Blue Silk Beaded Dress S122

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