Monday, May 23, 2011


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 I like planning parties.  My last good one was a milestone birthday bash for my other half.  It was a fun night (with some of the normal stresses as one would expect).  What I enjoyed most about the process was creating a theme, making a slide show of old photos, planning the various zones to our house for food/drink stations etc.  In other words, the creative logistics are fun for me.  Doing the decorating was also fun.  I suppose that I am just a ball of ideas just waiting to burst out on special occasions.

I am currently involved in another milestone birthday luncheon for a family member.  I feel really bogged down with contracts and other dry details.  What I really want to do is think about centerpieces, music, activities for the kids and how to tastefully put up some "Happy Birthday" signage in a restaurant.

We were at a dollar store - or pound shop as they would say across the pond, looking for ideas.  I saw some short glass vases we could have on the tables filled with short pink mums and yellow roses.  Instead of the usual foil swag birthday sign which may not go over well with the establishment, I thought we could have small "Happy Birthday" flags made up for the children to decorate in their own ways (with provided non-messy stickers), then place one in each vase.  This idea is personal, subtle and it will keep the kids busy for awhile as they will be instantly bored in a "grown-ups" eatery.

I suppose I do go on about how casual our society has become and how much that really suits me.  But when it comes down to it, when the right situation comes along, I AM Mrs. Cleaver in the pearls and high heels ready to be the perfect host for a perfect party.

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