Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Calling All Bag Ladies!

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Vintage Gucci doctor bag

Current doctor bag

I am generally confused by 4 things in the fashion world:  skirt lengths, men's tie widths, pant leg diameters and handbag sizes.  It seems like when I've got one or more of these items figured out, we hit a new season or calendar year and it's game over.  I seem to be a step behind what is going on.  This does not bode well for someone with a vintage fashion business!  I guess that is the beauty of looking to the past which is already established in that "been there done that" kind of way and learning from it.

I suppose it is difficult for designers to keep reinventing the wheel.  That's why we hear the words "retro" or "vintage", as inspirations seem to come from the past.  We talk about "classic" pieces being timeless and good monetary investments.  A good quality handbag for instance will set you back quite a lot of money.  And I've found it to be true that with quality comes longevity.  Although I bought a knock-off watch of a famous brand more than a decade ago and it has just stopped working.  Not too bad for $30!  But I digress.  
Current animal print purse

Vintage animal print purse

Handbags have come a long way but in a way they haven't.  Trends seem to come and go with small changes to types of materials for example, to make them feel more current.  What seems to change with the tide is perhaps the way in which we are utilizing this accessory.  I see teen girls with large, expensive bags.  I see older women with tiny clutches.  Didn't that used to be the other way around?  Anyway, it's interesting to see here how designs have changed yet stayed the same.      
Current sheep fur purse

Vintage fur purse

Handbags for all your moods...



Kim Bombshell said...

I misread that, I thought it said "calling all BIG ladies" and got all excited that you might have vintage in larger sizes!

Lucy said...

I like the zebra print bag in the one photo. I have a vintage bag from my great grandma that I love and use often. It's a smaller black evening purse with a gold handle.

M. Johnson said...

Love the post! It's so fun to compare bags now to how they used to be and see that there are just minor little changes. I also love the zebra print handbag. Animal prints are amazing! I just got myself a new clutch zebra style!