Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vintage Underwear? Really?

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No, not really. But as all vintage clothing enthusiasts eventually realize, the correct undergarments are essential to that vintage look.

Women's bodies have not changed that much, it's the undergarments that have. We all have waists and getting the correct fit is important. 

Which is where vintage guru stylist Naomi Thompson comes in. Based in the UK, she is a vintage stylist! What a great job that is!

You can read all about her and her book, "Style Me Vintage: Clothes: A Guide to Sourcing and Creating Retro Looks" over at Collector's Weekly. She is just as happy with modern Spanx as she is with vintage undergarments - good ones. Not everyone will embrace vintage underwear, and there are many modern options. Even my dry cleaner won't touch them!


1 comment:

Porcelina said...

It's got to be Kiss Me Deadly all the way for underwear with vintage shaping power and modern sex appeal! I tried Spanx on once, felt like a sausage..

Porcelina xx