Monday, October 1, 2012

Vintage Lucite Purses

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So my latest passion is vintage lucite purses. You have all seen them..those creative and beautiful plastic mid-century purses. Often boxy in shape with unique and very artful designs. Believe it or not, I have never had one in my collection until now.

Behold my first lucite purse:

Highly collectible now as they are no longer produced, they are a stunning addition to anyone's wardrobe or collection. They are truly a work of art and is open to such imagination. Like little pieces of jewellery, the original ones were clear and women would line them with beautiful scarves enabling them to match the scarf to their outfit.

Lucite was created in 1931 by DuPont and eventually sold. It is now a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd. Lucite is an acrylic, a high-end hard plastic and the most durable polymer. It doesn't degrade or turn yellow when exposed to sunlight, but remains beautifully translucent and shiny.

And the holy grail of lucite purses, the bee hive. This one is currently $495 on ebay. Yikes! But I'm seriously considering it.


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