Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hey Kid! Don't Think You're Safe From the Hump Day Wednesday Fashion Radar!!

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fair deal 1
Above caption says it all!

Giggle, giggle.  A friend of mine from elementary school used to do this type of print ad modelling.  She said the grown-ups always wanted her to do dynamic poses such as these.  Hang on!  Is this just one kid?  Sorry, I'm trying NOT to focus on the clothes.

This photo has achieved what husband has not been able to - which is to render me speechless!  "They" don't look like cute little boys.  They look like Dr. Shrinker sneaked up behind some men in ugly clothes and just miniaturized them!  These are not the casual and age appropriate outfits for little guys! 

Verdict:  Just horrible.  Make it go away.  I promise to be good!


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Feng said...


I look forward to digging through your site. Try the "retro" category on mine, you might find more you like. Quite a bit of the "art" section is advertising as well.