Monday, September 10, 2012

Manners 101 in the Office

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Husband has lamented for ages about his office dress code.  He has always felt that it was more enforced on the men than the women of his company.  He is in the technology industry, so that means that golf shirts are the uniform.  That may seem casual enough, but the harsh eyes of Human Resources are always poised and ready to attack the men.  A boring industry name can be embroidered or ironed onto the front of his shirt, but no other fashion label or statement can be seen.  Even on casual Fridays, when denim pants are enthusiastically worn, shirts must still have collars.

The women on the other hand seem to have given up completely.  Let's start with the beachy flip flops which are not just against dress code, but against health and safely rules at a company where industrial accidents can happen everyday.  Some of the women always seem to have on trendy, stretchy yoga wear.  When did workout clothing become office attire?!  Other women also push the envelope by wearing extremely short skirts, plunging necklines and peek-a-boo crop tops.

Looking nice for each other is a good thought for the party or bar or girls' night out.  But in a corporate setting, the adjectives 'short' and 'stretchy' should not describe your work outfits.

What happened to the "working girl" power suit?!  Did that go out with Melanie Griffith and the 1980's?!


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Ugh! At my last job the accountant wore her ski suit to work 3 DAYS IN A ROW during a snow storm!! She didn't change, mind you. And it was the same ski suit for all 3 days. It was so loud too (It was that wind breaker material) and just so, so wrong!!