Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dear Vintage Goddess...

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Dear Vintage Goddess,

I'm writing to say that I'm actually really tired of seeing "vintagey" things everywhere I go.  It's in the magazines, stores, furniture etc.  Why is this such a big trend and when will it go away?  I'm ready for something fresh and new, not recycled boring!!

I love your revamped blogs.  I mainly go to your website to get my daily giggle or thought provoking story.

Kimberly H.


Dear Kimberly,

Retro Inspired
Modern technology
Love your letter.  I love the honesty and your thoughts.  Why do we love vintage so much these days?  Aside from the lovely garments and accessories which are featured on our website, people seem to really love the juxtaposition of old design and new technology - or old design combined with current sensibilities.  But you're right, why do certain decades seem to be really all the rage these day?

I think that too many chefs can ruin a broth.  Today's market is completely saturated with retro and vintage inspired gadgets and copies.  There's too much of a good thing happening now and the overexposure is causing this negative backlash.

I think that people like to feel nostalgic and the young people of today almost don't feel like vintage and retro things are old.  We look at it as the past comforting us in cool, fashionable ways in our present.  We hear a new mix from an old song and those of us who know the original tune, hear that, whereas the younger people hear it as a completely new song. 

"Mad Men" cast
A big reason for retro popularity
But to answer your question of why certain decades seem really popular and when will it go away?  This current movement is not just in the fashion industry, it's in furniture, industrial design and many others.  A widespread phenomenon like this didn't happen overnight.  It was years and years of building.  The 1950's and 1960's are far away from present to become mythologized and romanticized.  That's as good a reason as any.  When will it all go away?  I'm already seeing signs of it happening.  But watch out!  Another big trend is around the corner.  Let's have fun with it and embraced it!


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