Monday, August 6, 2012


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I remember an old television sitcom when a woman, dressed as a man, went into the men's washroom and "assumed the position" at a urinal.  Being of female mindset, she proceeded to talk to the man next to her.  He gave her an evil look, at which point she remembered the golden rules - no looking over at your neighbour's wares and no talking!

I suppose that since the beginning of time, women have always preferred to skip to the loo together.  And good friends have no problem with stall-to-stall communication.  After all, we can share 'stuff', giggle about our dates and fix each other's outfits.

I've even evolved to speaking with women I don't even know when I'm in the washroom. Have I gone too far? We're not talking politics or world hunger. But I have made a "friendly" comment or two.  After all, there is sometimes a toilet paper SOS that needs to be answered!

Do you suppose that men would feel more free to answer nature's call and chat if they used stalls?  Or do you think that men are different creatures who prefer to get in and out without any shop talk?!

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Feathers Atlanta said...

I just asked my hubby what he thinks about this and he said #1 because they can see each other, unlike being in a stall. #2 he thinks women are generally more comfortable being in more intimate settings than men.

Men are strange creatures.

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