Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dear Vintage Goddess...

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Here is an interesting and thought provoking letter from a reader.

Dear Vintage Goddess,

Television shows like "Mad Men" are so popular these days.  Do you think that retro 1960's clothing has become more popular because of our love of retro pop culture?

Maggie K.


Dear Maggie K,

I love your question.  It would be naive (but nice) for us to think that clothing fashions rule the world and the earth revolves around vintage and retro clothing.  Although, I have to say that you are partly correct.

Traditionally runway fashions have always influenced home design 2 years after the fact.  But what does that have to do with clothing from a past era?  With the incredible resurgence of 1960's inspired designs, the entertainment and home decor industries have followed suit and joined the bandwagon, so to speak. 

Now it has become a chicken and the egg scenario.  Retro clothing influenced television.  Then television influenced retro "inspired" clothing and interior design.

Ursula Andress looking gorgeous
Some naysayers are saying that this is all going to come to a crashing end sooner than later.  The copycats will certainly see an end to their reign but true retro and vintage clothing will always have a great fan base.  That's because the real McCoys are not dependent on passing trends, but rather hold their values on different levels such as historical significance, sentimentality and the desire for individuality.


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