Monday, August 27, 2012

MANNERS 101 - Foul And Really Terrible

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Hello readers.  This is a fairly common issue, yet rarely discussed seriously in public.
Man-farting2I'll just come right out and say it - FART.  Gastrointestinal gas is a normal and natural process which occurs in all of us - male and female.  However, do we need to talk about it and rate it and be proud it as some weird badge of honour?!

I have teared up and gagged on many occasions after one has ripped through the formerly clean air.  The SBD (Silent But Deadly) ones are perhaps the most dangerous and scary of all.  They come decisively with stealth, like a ninja in the night.  But they make their presence known like a steel toe kick to the olfactory nerves.

Sorry to say that women don't sit around with drinks in hand, giggling and being in awe of each other's toots which were shamelessly released, the sphincter even being encouraged to squeeze out a memorable one!

I've noticed that this particularly disgusting behaviour is really popular with the boys at cottages and weekend basement gatherings.  Why?  I don't like to think that men are the intellectual inferior species.  But their fascination with and enjoyment of noxious gas releases makes me think that they can only be boys at best and the men in them remain more dormant than active.

Perhaps this behaviour derives from boyhood fascination with bodily functions.  But hey, little girls want to play doctor too and they're just as likely to run around naked and compare body parts. 

Men, please remember that some people don't want to ride your flatulence party train.  It might be a gas, but not that fun!  If Men are from Mars, this must be one odoriferous planet!  


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