Monday, July 30, 2012

Toilet talk! - MANNERS 101 Tells It Like It Is!

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I've wanted to talk about something for a long time. Now that Some Like It Vintage has this new forum for all things related to manners bygone and today, I'm having a lot of fun writing today's blog.

While perched in a stall, on a public toilet, does your mobile phone need to be answered?  I understand that a quick trip to the W/C means you forget to turn down/off your cell.  But to go ahead and feel compelled to answer it seems quite off-the-wall to me.

On many occasions, I've heard entire conversations about your bank account status, why she stole your boyfriend, why did he say that or where you were going to meet the caller for dinner.  I don't need to hear any of this information while I'm doing my business.  Was she answering mid-stream, between flatulent episodes?  How does the toilet paper come into play?!  Yes, I'm dangerously close to crossing the line with this post.  But many of these women cross it everyday and don't even care.

People take the concept of a cell phone's mobility to a whole other inappropriate place.  Husband has had this irritating problem happen a lot.  He says he derives some satisfaction from repeated unnecessary flushes to get the guilty party to cease communication.  Evil boy!

Although not a problem enduring from decades past, ridiculous mobile phone use is becoming too frequent and society is slowly but surely forgetting about basic manners and basic common sense.  It's not as common as I once thought!



Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

Don't get me started! The majority of people these days are completely oblivious to the feelings of others, and go along their merry little lives as if they were in a sound-proof bubble! Or at the very least, think others don't mind listening to their everyday goings on.

I don't like it when people use their phones when being served in a shop or when eating a meal . . . . . . . or when they're sat on a bus so I can hear the issues of THEIR day! Ugh! It's so rude!

Unfortunately these people appear to have been brought up by those who don't instill this basic thoughtfulness into their off-spring.

Selfishness and aggression are the key attributes to some (not all) who wish to get along in life - it seems! However, it couldn't be further from the truth. Manners and a little thoughtfulness for others make the world a better place and makes you feel good about yourself too!

As far as using a mobile phone goes, I'm 'old school'. I use it as little as possible (it's good to be different!). You will never see me walking down the street with one stuck to my ear, much the same as you wouldn't see me eating a sandwich or pastie whilst out on the street doing my shopping - it's RUDE!

I saw a woman pushing her baby along in a buggie a few weeks back. She was wearing a scarf on her head . . . . not as a fashion accessory, but in order to keep her mobile phone attached to her ear so she was 'hands free'. She looked ridiculous! I rest my case! :-)

Some Like it said...

I couldn't agree with you more Louise! It's getting out of hand, so to speak :-) And becoming increasingly rude.
Scarf on the head to hold the phone in place?! Now I've heard everything :-)