Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dear Vintage Goddess...

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I love that our male readers are so enthusiastic about our new theme.  Here is an email which is a common concern and dilemma for men:


Dear Vintage Goddess,

I would love to be able to buy a suit that will last me at least 5 years.  But it seems that styles (lapels, cuts of jackets) change yearly, so I don't know how to make an expensive investment work for me.



Dear A.N.,

Men's dress clothing has always looked very classic and handsome through the years. Suits have evolved a lot in terms of style and fabric materials.  I imagine that you are looking to purchase an all year suit, as opposed to a specifically summer or winter one.  Styles do change yearly.  But if you do a bit of research and look at the trends from the last 5 years, see if there are any commonalities.  Look for a mid-weight fabric in a classic dark colour.  You can certainly keep a suit for 5 years.  But keep shirts, ties and shoes more current by changing them up year to year.  Also look at adding a puff handkerchief to dress up your suit.

An important element to a great suit is having one custom fit for your body.  Off-the-rack is fine, but make sure to go that extra step and have it sized/altered for your body.  A custom look goes a long way.  Arm, jacket and trouser lengths need to fit you well or else the outfit can just hang and look quite generic.  Always ask for help.  This is one task that a man cannot go alone.

You want the same confidence that James Bond exudes when he is at the Monte Carlo Casino.  You can get that without the pocketbooks being shocked into submission.


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