Monday, July 16, 2012

Manners 101 - Class Has Started!

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Hello readers.  Each Monday we will be featuring a new segment called "Manners 101".  We will cover all things to do with everyday manners, restaurant etiquette, workplace behaviour, - just about any topic which we could reference Emily Post for help.  Veronica and I will feature some of our own experiences as well as share any from your emails.  We'd love to hear from you.  We welcome funny stories, sad stories or ones that make you just shake your head.

Recently, a girlfriend and I went to an all-day breakfast eatery.  We each ordered an alarming amount of bacon and eggs with sides of pancakes.  Having just completed an hour of Pilate's, we were shaky and ready to plunge into our meals.

When the server came with our pancakes, one just flew off the plate and landed squarely on the table.  The poor guy looked alarmed and panicked.  He then picked up the pancake with his bare hand and plunked it back on the plate with its twin.  Then he stepped back, looking relieved like he had just saved what could have been a really bad situation.  For my friend and I, the bad situation had just been initiated when it looked like he was not going to take that tainted plate away!  Finally, after a few awkward moments, we asked him to take away said plate and please bring us new food - not the same one with the top pancake flicked away in the kitchen.

By that time the server's more senior coworker had arrived on the scene, quickly assessed the situation and shooed him and the food away. 

My friend and I were both a little traumatized by the experience.  We really shouldn't have had to ask for that plate to be removed from our table.

In the end, we both had tasty meals and our bill was discounted 15% for the "inconvenience". 

Should this person go back to 'server 101' classes? Most definitely!

I think that this experience gets the thumbs downs.


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