Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear Vintage Goddess...

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Tuesdays will be dedicated to our readers who need a little advice from the Vintage Goddess.  Whatever your vintage or retro dilemma may be, we're ready and posed to help!  Remember, if we chose your question or comment to post, you will received a $10 Starbucks gift card, so get typing!

Here is an email from a reader:

Dear Vintage Goddess,

Why won't my wife let me wear socks and sandals?  I find this combination more comfortable than sandals alone? 

From Mr. Geek


Dear Mr. Geek,

Thanks for your brief but informative letter.  It's great to have our first letter come from one of our male readers.  I have to admit that Husband has often moaned when I asked him to separate this deadly combo.  If you're feeling cool enough to wear socks, then why wear sandals?  Conversely, if you feel warm enough to wear summery sandals, then why cover up your feet with socks?  I also get stern about socks being hiked up to practically his thighs when he is wearing closed shoes.  When it comes to fashion sense, comfort does not trump style!

There are mixed opinions as to when this great unfashion may be have begun.  That matters very little because even mildly fashionable women will scoff and turn away if they see you stomping proudly to the disastrous look of socks and sandals. 

Some advice.  When you are "Rome-ing" in your open footwear, do so with toes al fresco!  And don't let the Gladiators 'sock it' to you!


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