Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Be My Penpal

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I must admit to embracing today's various communication technology.  Often I prefer to leave a message than to speak to someone directly.  I prefer the convenience and speed of emails with a receipt confirmation attached to it so I know when the person has in fact opened my mail.

However, when I check the mailbox each day, it's a bit depressing to see only the usual bills and sales flyers.  Only during the holidays could I hope for hand written correspondence.

Emails are ok for the most part.  But now that texting is so much more the rage, I've fallen behind.  There is a world of acronyms and abbreviations out there that requires its own Webster's dictionary.  Kids and teens are evolving into adults who have no clue about sentence structure, grammar nor spelling.

Is this another fly-by-night societal trend, or is this our new nrom? I mean our new 'norm'?


Vee said...

Hi, I'm a new reader and I love sending mail. In fact, I've got some pen pals in Japan that I write letters too. Not only for the cute stationary but for the fact I don't get to write often now, I feel like my handwriting practice in school has gone to waste now.

The Eye said...

Definitely sad, but very true. Kind of makes me frightened for the future, but also makes me feel like this is the opportunity to be a soldier for a better tomorrow!

Your love of vintage, and sharing it with the world is already a bold step forward!

Love your collection, BTW...lol

From a fellow vintage lover in Toronto!

- {theEye}