Monday, July 9, 2012

The Appeal of Juice Stains & Lilly Pulitzer

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I have owned several Lilly Pulitzer summer dresses over the years. They are bright, fun and easy to wear. I was reminded again of the brand appeal on a recent trip to Vermont when I walked into a Pulitzer store.

The story of the Lilly Pulitzer brand began when she married and moved to Palm Beach from New York in the 1960s. Her husband owned citrus groves and Lilly decided to open a juice stand. The stains from the juices however, kept ruining her clothing, so she had a dress made from colorful cotton to hide the stains!

From practicality comes an entire brand and clothing line, which still exists today.

The original dress was a sleeveless, short, shift style. Branching into longer dresses, swimsuit cover-ups, skirts and blouses, even Jackie Kennedy wore one. Kitschy prints, abstract prints, cotton and color were their trademark.

They still maintain their summer, beachy appeal don't you think?

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