Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Julie Carp Lands On Top!

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You might not think so by looking at me, but I'm a HUGE fan of "Coronation Street".  Back when I was 20, I decided to start watching "The Street" as a way of doing a bit research on U.K. culture.  Little did I know then, that people from Manchester, England had no bearing on the people of Cardiff, Wales, which was where I was headed!

I happened to catch this longest running soap opera at a time when story lines were intense and riveting.  Terry Duckworth was up to no good again then Brian Tilsley was murdered outside a nightclub.

Before I knew it, I was hooked like millions of other people around the world.  "Coronation Street" first hit the airwaves on December 9th, 1960.  Since I started watching in 1987, so many people have come and gone and the story lines got more and more dramatic.

Unlike North American soap operas, "Corrie" has never been known for its beautiful people or enviable wardrobe.  They are plain, mostly blue collar folks, living in a fictional suburb outside of Manchester.

Katy Cavanagh A.K.A. Julie Carp moved to "The Street" in 2008 as the new girlfriend of dim but lovable Kirk Sutherland.  They had met on holiday in Cyprus.  One thing I love about frumpy Julie is her cute and vintage fashion sense.  She is a young woman who seems to love dressing in the past:

Julie is never too far from her fitted sweaters and hair band, which tames
her poofy hairdos.  Here she is (at right) with past and present cast members.

A little "Mad Man" inspiration with Julie's attitude and dress!

Julie tarts up nicely in this fiery, form fitting number!

Here's the hair band again.
Love the bold pattern of her shirt!

The flip in Julie's hair matches nicely with
the flip in her cute, retro dress!

Love Julie's poofy do and that daisy embroidered sweater.
Looking too serious in polka-dots and flowers!

What is Julie doing behind the bar at the Rovers Return?!
The layered look is cool and retro with femininity.  Her hair is looking
more 60's or 70's, more calm and feathered.

Love this look on Julie.  It's part demure, part rebel and all retro!

Do you think that you could become a fan?


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Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

I used to love Corrie back in the day when Julie Goodyear was in charge at the Rovers Return. Happy days! She was one of my favourites. In fact, most of the women in that TV show are very strong characters.

Obviously it's nothing like 'real life', although I'm sure most southerners think we all wear flat caps and walk the cobbled streets to work each day. haha! Don't tell them!