Monday, May 7, 2012

From Rags to Vintage

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I read an article in the Toronto Star recently which featured a local named Derek Birch.  He rents this cool loft space with a roommate. 

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His decorating philosophy is simple - don't have a theme, just live with what you love. 

 Birch's main living space is lit with old theatre lights.  He also displays a 1904 Victor Victrola, handed down from his father's side of the family.  He also has a portable Decca wind-up model from the 1920's.  Birth can still play old 78's on it.  He lounges on a 1950's Mad Men style sectional sofa and chats away on his 1970's orange rotary dial phone.

A framed original Warhol print hangs proudly in his kitchen, above 2 rather old fridges (1942 GE, 1946 Westinghouse).  He cooks his meals on a vintage 1948 Moffat range which has a shiny chrome frame and a timer that dings like a bicycle bell.

Next to his bed is a found 1940's grey, steel desk.  Beside it is a 1901 wooden filing cabinet from a now defunct Knechtel Furniture Company Ltd.  His oldest piece is a captain's chair from 1748, which he plans to restore someday.

"Speaking of homes,...I have a theory: A home is an emotional place to which you feel connected..."

As an Interior Designer, I applaud Birch's orginiality and the daring to be himself.  It's easy to go with the flow, but to swim upstream vintage style, takes a lot of confidence.


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Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

What a great apartment! And the cat looks very happy there too! :-)