Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vintage, Man Style...

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A little while ago, I polled some men.  I asked them to think of the first word that came to mind when I said "Vintage".  Most unfortunately said 'old'.  However some said 'cars'.  None of them said clothing.  I thought that was really interesting.  So for the car aficionado in you, here are some vintage ads that are shamelessly misogynistic and ultra macho, clearly indicating that their target market were men:

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Plymouth 1967

Wow, imagine if you can buy a sports car for $2,500 these days. With inflation and such, the price would be about $17,000.00  Still a great deal for a lot of appeal!

Jeep 1948

"Willys makes sense?"  How is that not a sexual innuendo?!  She had happily tried to insert a long car into a tight space.  This is too easy!

Oldsmobile 1976

This ad makes it an almost religious or spiritual experience to buy their car!  Obviously his position just got better with the babe next to him!

General Motors Canada 1955

Um, I have no idea what this ad is really saying, but it seems to be a secret man language. This is a specifically Canadian target ad. 

Lincoln 1958

Wow, what beast of a machine! It's an ad for a Lincoln Landau.  About the size of a school bus, this beauty was meant to be seen, not necessarily one to see out of, as the windows are tiny!

Ford Canada 1960

Here is another car specifically made for and targeted for Canadians.  The maple leaf details can make you feel downright patriotic!  Love the cool tie-dye background colours as well.

Chevrolet Corvette 1959

Now there's a car a girl can love!  Beautiful.  Better than modern day versions in my opinion.  This ad is obviously targeting the 'jet-set' country club types. 

General Motors Canada 1969

Wide track for a wide load?!  I'm thinking pregnant lady joyriding with Dirty Harry?!  I cannot imagine a casino parking lot that could handle this beast!

Chevrolet Corvette 1963

OOOh, another gorgeous model.  Reminds me a bit of the Batmobile!  It's a gasser alright!  I'm sure it burned gas faster than you could say 'ouch'!


Ford Mustang 1969

Basically this ad is boasting the fact that this Mustang's engine will be flipping amazing?!  The male powers that be, must have thought this was the right formula for success!

Shelby 1962

OOOOHHHH, pretty...and mysterious...

Chrysler Canada 1972

At a time when comic superheros were on the rise, this ad really tries to appeal to the boy man.  But what does Fargo have to do with Canada?


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