Monday, April 16, 2012


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I came across these ads and at first I was confused by what coincidences the names were.  Then I realised that they are mock vintage ads for current, popular websites.  I love how this Brazilian company (Moma) married the feel of old and the technology of present day with a good dash of humour.  These ads were created for an industry seminar with an overall theme of "what's new today is old tomorrow". There's great vintage styling, colouring and composition:

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Love the Star Trek/Jetsons style computer and monitor.
HEY!  We have that same retro table in our kitchen!

It's like switchboard operator meets the robot from "Lost In Space"
"Danger, Will Robinson..."

You tube, I tube, we all tube for boob tube!

He's a good looking door to door salesman with a transistor radio


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Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

These are so clever! A reminder that nothing stays 'new' for very long. Thanks for sharing. :-)