Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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It seems that the we are in love with the past.  The powers that be in the world of television have seen and felt this movement.  On the heels of a new season of the series that seems to have started it all (Mad Men), the following are renewed and new shows which are blasts from the pasts in more ways than one!

1960'S America - advertising firm with scintillating situations.  It's good to have the new season soon.  This incredible show has spawned so many retro inspired copies.  Most have failed in their attempts.  I still have hope for Pan Am!
The ladies of "PAN AM"

1920'S - Atlantic City.  The story is about corrupt politicians who rose to prominence during prohibition time.  It's a boys' club full of intrigue.  Let's hope that they don't get into a 'flap' about anything!

Set in the 1910'S, this drama is about an aristocratic family and their servants living in Yorkshire County during the reign of King George V.  This show is currently airing in the U.K. but we can catch episodes on some specialty stations.  I wonder if Smith will transfigure into a cat?  By her expression above, I'd say, she is not amused!

Late 1800'S - Ok, so this time period doesn't exactly fall under Vintage or retro time periods, but hey, it's Shawn Cassidy!   This former teen idol stars in a Western series about a motley gang travelling from Missouri to the west coast.  He will hopefully be Da Do Ron Ronning around strutting his stuff!

1890'S - Based on a series of novels, a detective solves mysterious cases in late Victorian Toronto.  This vintage hunk uses the latest late Victorian forensic techniques to investigate murders. 

1980'S Carrie Bradshaw during her senior year of high school.  Have you ever wondered about this breezy girl in her teen years?  Well this prequel will give us a lot of insight into who she becomes.


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