Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lost Hollywood Treasure Chest of Jewels

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Lisa at Collector's Weekly shared this article with me recently and when I read it, I just about fell off my chair!
Imagine walking into a warehouse filled with vintage Hollywood jewelery worn by all the major movie stars. Pieces that have not seen the light of day for 50 years. Pieces that are beautifully extravagant, expertly crafted and are true treasures. 

Actually, this warehouse exists and it is the largest collection of Golden Age Hollywood jewelery. In. The. World.

Yep. All made by Joseff of Hollywood. 

You have to read the article to believe it. Here are a few photos just to tickle your tastebuds. All photos courtesy of Joseff of Hollywood.

Head here to read.

The "most spectular necklace in the world," a giant bib worn by Ona Munson in "Shanghai Gesture."

Grace Kelly wore Joseff of Hollywood chandelier earrings in 1956's "High Society"

At left, the giant nine-strand faux pearl necklace worn by Bette Davis in 1939's "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex." At right, the choker Greta Garbo refused to wear for 1936's "Camille."


Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

OMG! Thanks for sharing this link Veronica. Have you posted at the VFG? They'd be soooooo interested to see this.

It's great to see the workshops and all that cigar box storage too.

And the jewels! Whooo hoooo! ;-)

Some Like it said...

I know, I couldn't believe it! Good idea, i'll post it at VFG, thanks! xoxo