Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Golden Age of Customer Service

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I was in the shopping mall the other day with my niece. We walked into Abercrombie and Fitch, her absolute favorite store. While I too enjoy the styles (very nautical for spring and summer 2012) I was distressed at the customer service.

Nothing new here I'm sure for all my readers, we have all experienced awful customer service at one time or another. However, this one was funny, annoying, perplexing, bewildering and confusing all at once. 

As I approached the cashier to make my purchase for my niece, the young lady said to me, "Yo, what events up?"

I felt like a tourist in a country where I did not know the customs.

I realize teen slang has been around for generations. Perhaps I'm old. I'm also a stickler for grammar, but I was sideswiped and found myself not knowing how to answer her, not to mention mildly annoyed. I recognized the words - just not in that order.

Which makes me think of the golden days of customer service. The last of that being in the 60s where a lady or gent would head to their store of choice and be waited upon by more than one salesperson. Often an appointment would be needed, whereupon outfits would be presented (often on live models no less!) in front of the prospective customer. One received the clerks undivided attention.


While I don't need nor have the time to make an appointment, a full sentence and a little attention would be nice.


Anonymous said...

Customer service is only going to get worse.

Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

THAT is hysterical! I wish I'd have been with you - we could both have looked equally puzzled!

What happened though? Did she roll her eye balls at you when you didn't answer? I can just imagine! What did your niece think about it all?

I'd hate to think that all customer service was going the same way, but I guess this sort of thing happens a lot now. I can understand that sort of 'speak' if they were talking to an 18 year old skate boarder but hellooooooooo!!!!

I suppose it's a mixture of how children are brought up and who they make friends with too (or who they are influenced by). There seems to be a distinct lack of respect for everyone these days and people get so angry at everything. Like you say, perhaps it's our age but . .

Also the company should really provide some basic customer service training - shouldn't they? I spent years in the customer service industry and it's all about listening to your customer and being polite and professional at all times. I wouldn't speak to an 80 year old the same way as I'd speak to an 18 year old. However, I'd make sure my language was adjusted appropriately without using slang. Perhaps it's just a lack of basic intelligence on their part?

When you receive poor customer service, you remember it. I take it you won't be returning to their store any time soon? ;-)

Some Like it Vintage.com said...

Louise, you are indeed a kindred spirit! Rarely am I without words, but this was one of those times. As a matter of fact she did roll her eyeballs. At. Me.
Oy and vey.

I agree about where the respect and manners originate from. It's not all children though and we must give credit where credit is due. But the company needs a little employee review I think!