Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Amazed By Hermès!

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Recently an Hermès Birkin bag sold at auction for over $200,000 USD.  Holy #$%@&!!  I remember an episode of Gilmore Girls when Logan bought Rory one which caused quite a stir with grandmother Emily.  After all, a Birkin bag meant real love and commitment.  Rory didn't see the significance and simply shrugged it off.  I feel somewhat the same way.

Elizabeth Taylor's vintage fashion collection sold for a record high at Christie's - which we all fully expected, but an Hermès bag?! 

Spice Girl Posh is reported to have more than 100 Birkins in her collection, worth well over $1.5M USD. 
The Muse
On that fateful day in 1984, Jean-Louis Dumas felt so inspired by the struggling actress on board his flight, he named his latest creation after Jane Mallory Birkin.  The two designed the bag together and the rest they say, is history!

Until 2010, there was a very long and impressive waiting list as the bag is not produced on a certain time schedule nor in quantity.  I suppose that with certain things in life, being barely out of grasp - unattainable, is in itself the biggest appeal.  Why do we always want what we can't have?!

Dumas saw the actress struggling with her many smaller bags in the airplane which made him want to design a handbag large enough yet stylish enough for just such an occasion.  This coveted product has no label or branding of any sort, yet it is arguably the most recognized woman's bag in the world.

Posing Posh
I've heard a rumour that a neighbour of ours is on that list.  I won't be waiting with breathless anticipation to catch a glimpse of her preening around with it.  OK, are some of you out there yelling at me?  Are you offended by my irreverence?  Hey, that's the beauty of being a blogger - good or bad I thrive on all your thoughts and reactions.  So send me some words on this one!


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