Monday, December 5, 2011

The Revolving Door

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 Theophilus Van Kannel, the one from Philadelphia in case you are aware of several others, was granted a patent in 1888 for a device that has come to be seen as a metaphor for the job market conditions today. 
The invention was the revolving door. 
When it comes to fashion we all know that what goes around, comes around. Vintage fashions influence current designers. Over and over again, designers use historical garments for research and as inspiration for their current collections. They raid the styles, patterns and fabrics of vintage clothing. Why? Because it works. And this vintage dealer has absolutely no problem with that!
Vintage fashions are reproduced everywhere.
Consider Barney's of New York. They launched an entire line of evening dresses devoted to Vionnet's style, focusing on the bias cut and bringing back the 1930s.
Have a look at these catwalk fashions. Some are pretty much copies, others are simply inspirational.
1940s inspiration 

1960s & 70s inspiration
1950s inspiration
Even your skivvies enjoys a 50s revival!
No matter how you wear your vintage - be it authentically or inspirational, feel good about it. You look fabulous!

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