Thursday, November 10, 2011

I've Got a Fever - But I'm Not Getting a Cold

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Recognize this beautiful woman?

I'm not going to make you jump hoops and try to guess, but this is Peggy Lee. The young Ms Lee who first sang with Benny Goodman is most notably known for her hit song "Fever". A song that is still being covered to this day by current artists.

As most singers of her day, Peggy began her career on the radio. At the young age of 17 she went to Los Angeles where Benny Goodman saw her singing. At the time, he was looking to replace his current singer and  Ms Lee got the job. For the next two years she sang with his orchestra and spun out several No. 1 selling hits such as "Why Don't You Do Right", "Black Coffee" and "Is That All There Is".

With her alluring sound, smooth demeanor and distinctive style, she was very comfortable in embracing the new genre of rock and roll. Recognizing the changes in current music, she maintained her successful career by also voicing in Disney's, "The Lady and The Tramp". Yes, that's her singing "He's a Tramp".

Watch this fabulous video. Not to mention the gorgeous dress she is wearing. A little peplum chiffon and lace wiggle dress with matching bolero shrug. 

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