Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Going Swimmingly Well!

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OK, so I'm a  big wimp.   It's the beginning of November and I am already dreading the winter the way pioneers used to dread a bad storm before the harvest.  I am NOT a hardy Canadian made of tough, chewy bacon, heavily sugared maple syrup or bones made of hockey sticks.  I'm already dreaming about tropical vacations and as always, contemplating moving closer to the Equator.

When I was perusing the current issue of Marie Claire magazine, I was delighted to see clothing geared toward tropical destinations.  Ahhh...a girl can dream! 

It never ceases to amaze me how retro looking current fashions seem to be.  If I ignored the glossy look of this publication, I could swear I'm looking at something from a half century ago.

I came upon a beach theme photo shoot of an Aussie actress modelling the latest in resort wear.  Have a look these outfits and let me know what you think.  This first one looks like a simple shirt and shorts set.  But the colouring and stitching of the shirt along with the narrow, plunging neckline is so remniscent of neoprene scuba gear.  The body-hugging nature of the material also lends itself to that idea.

This outfit looks straight out of a scene from "To Sir With Love".  The vibrant crimson is so cheery.  Again, the way in which the material  hugs the body is such a reminder of swimwear or scuba wear.

And these purses by Juicy Couture make such a statement with their vibrant colours.  It's nice to see that beach bags aren't just made of straw or sedately coloured canvas.

Mixing water gear with a dressy sweater ...It has a surf trend feel about it.  She can go from the beach to the beach side cocktail party in no time!  The animal print is as hot as it ever was.

Some of the stitching details of the swimsuit bottom are reminiscent of wetsuits .

I love the colour blocking which is also very reminiscent of scuba gear done up in a sexy, feminine manner.

These outfits may not be genuinely retro, but I can see such love and reverence for retro fashions in these recent creations.  Sometimes you CAN reinvent the wheel!

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