Monday, November 14, 2011


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pan am fashion
I am happy to see that the new television series called "Pan Am" has survived its freshman season so far.  At first this show interested me because of its retro connection to "Mad Men" which is all the rage these days.  I am of course more interested in the show as I am a vintage girl at heart.

I have become firmly invested in the story lines and the main characters.  What I find truly amazing and mesmerizing are all the incredible fashions that are displayed in every scene.  One would think that a show based on airline stewardesses would have them in uniform most of the time.  But it's nice to see them in times of leisure and sometimes even surrounded by luxury.
I would love to have the figures of these actresses as their outfits look like second skin most of the time.  I wonder if that "Pan Am" company issue girdle really does come into play?!  From the cute little hats on their heads, to the the prim gloves to cover their delicate hands, down to the spotless shoes, the costume designer has gone to great lengths for authenticity and fab stylishness.

There are few men featured on "Pan Am".  But the two main pilot and copilot always look the part as dashing men about town.  There are also some guest actors who have taken my breath away, dressed so sharply and dashingly.  Ahhhhhhh,  another reason to keep tuning in...

Goran Visnjic looking very dashing as Luka on "Pan Am"


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