Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Music To My Ears

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Kitty Daisy & Lewis
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I'm excited about a new musical find.  They're a singing group called "Kitty, Daisy and Lewis".  They're young, hip siblings from England who play with a definite retro and vintage vibe.  They like to mix genres and add doses of current sounds.  They're multi-instrumental talents are also showcased well in their songs.

Another unique element to this group is that they produce all their sounds in a vintage home studio.  Without the aid of any digital technology, their use of ribbon microphones and analogue tape formats make their songs sound a bit flat to some, but that quality is a big part of who they are as artists and what they want us to hear. 

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis' sounds are influenced by Swing, Blues, Hawaiian and Rock and Roll.  They play unconventional instruments such as accordion, xylophone, ukulele, banjo and many others.  Even the instruments themselves are throwbacks to retro and vintage eras.

If you're having a Folgers moment and whispered for Calgon to take you away, have a look at this group's website and click "play".  You'll get a nice dose of cool and soothing sounds.  Or why not get their albums?

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