Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shady Lady

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I've talked in the past about my fashion confusions - hem length, tie widths, purse sizes etc.  Here is another one to ponder - sunglasses.  What should I be sporting these hot and sunny days?  Should I be aggressively following current trends or apply the rules one goes by at an Optometrist's office - find a style that fits your face shape and frames that are generally discreet?

We definitely apply different rules when it comes to fashion.  i have a smallish face and head.  Is it cool to sport specs that give me a Larry King "insect head"?  Or go "Top Gun" aviator with nose guards which are more subtle?  I can look very feline in the 1950's slightly horn-rimed shades.  Or I could go retro with colourful plastic frames.  The 70's and 80's metal ones tend to cut the circulation near my lobes and temples.

 Now we're also concerned with UVA, UVB, different coloured lenses for overall eye protection.  Add some element of bling, prominent designer name and I'm there! 

I'm just not sure if I go big, bling or plain jane.  I suppose that in our disposable world, I'll need a few pairs to suit my many moods and situations.  Now if I could only raise my right ear a bit to match the left one!  That's a beef for another meal!

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